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Is the purchase of office supplies a necessary evil at your company?  

This has been the characterization by many.  It seems like we spend a lot of money and never are quite sure we are getting the best deal.

Strategic Procurement Partners is a new firm created to assist companies in reducing their office supply expenses.  We've spent the past 13 years working in the industry providing the programs you're currently utilizing.  With this expertise, we have been able to provide services that target this commodity specifically.  We provide audit services, buying consortiums and consulting.  We've outlined our services in this site, yet recommend contacting us to schedule a short meeting where you can see the results first hand that we produce for our clients.



Audit Services

Many companies have gone to the marketplace and run competitive bids to secure a vendor which is most capable of providing the required services and lowest prices.  After negotiations and final clarification you've entered into a contract.  Relief....... we are finally done with a commodity and can move on.

If you find yourself in this situation, SPP's audit services are just what you need.

We evaluate your current spending history against the original terms and conditions of your contract.  Our goal is to find as many additional dollars in savings as possible.  SPP achieve verifiable savings using available market contracts as current baselines.

Once we know how much you can save, there are three options: 

Have us negotiate with your current vendor to meet market conditions 

Change vendors to a pre-arranged consortium vendor

Take your volume to the marketplace through an RFP

In either case, we split the savings.  One more thing, we track actual savings quarterly and invoice you for the savings split along with the documentation.


We work with our clients to establish clearly defined company goals for office supply expense reduction.

Conduct an analysis of current spending and procedures, creating a factual baseline of spending data.

Conduct a complete RFP process including:
     Supplier capability assessments
     Pricing analysis
     Pricing authentication (exposing the game)
     Contract negotiations

Assist in successful implementation

Provide ongoing audits of the pricing contract compliance


  For more information on these services, and how your firm can reduce its total expenses by a minimum of 15%, call (847) 516-0717 or send an email to

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