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About Us

Our firm was created to provide the balance between clients and vendors.  Our expertise is in the office supplies industry, and we have created options for companies that blend our logo's design of a win-win-win triad of support.  We have several services to choose from ,all guaranteed to achieve results. 

The world was changing very rapidly and there seemed to be fewer and fewer resources within companies.

There continues to be ongoing pressure from investors to increase profit performances, therefore reduce expenses.

The Myth

Office supplies is just a basic commodity

It should be an easy commodity to change

We'll get a quick result

The Reality

There are no standards for product number codes, packaging, quality, etc., making it difficult for companies to identify current spend data.

All vendors sound the same with capabilities and promises.

Suppliers play games with pricing structures and strategies.

For many companies it is their first attempt to consolidate office supply purchases to a single vendor, often wasting valuable time reinventing the wheel.

Most savings estimates are derived on paper with little verification or audit of actual results.

The typical process from start to implementation is 9 to 12 months, wasting significant dollars.




Mission Statement

We exist through the grace of God and we will strive to provide value to all parties we come in contact by being honest and trustworthy in all of our dealings.

 We hold growth in quality and human values above size and profit.

 Our employees shall feel treasured with the knowledge that we care deeply about their personal condition.

 Our vendors shall sense that we are different in the way that we deal with them and show concern for their needs.

 Our clients shall delight in doing business with us because of our value and results.

 Our company culture shall encourage and motivate people, to give them opportunities to stretch their horizons and to treat them with dignity.

 We have a unique opportunity to make a difference in our world.

 We shall be obedient to God and shall conduct our business in a manner that honors Him.

 ��In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.�

(Proverbs 16:9)               

  Bill Walkiewicz



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